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Doctoral dissertation
A model and implementation suggestions for integrating music into the elementary school day, using themes common to the literature of sub-Saharan African music, New Orleans second lines, old-time music and dance, and summer camp music-making.
The life of an amazing 12th-century woman!
Salmon Life Cycle
Cumulative, rhyming verse showing the salmon's life cycle, with science information at the back of the book.
Old-Growth Forests
Cumulative verse about the interdependence of plants and animals in an old-growth forest, with science information at the back of the book.


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Dear Ms Reed, I am a professor of Aquatic Entomology from Michigan State University. I bought your Salmon Stream book for my grandchildren as I do a lot of research in Alaska on salmon and streams and it is their favorite book, and mine also. I would like to buy them more of your books so maybe you could recommend a couple. They are girls and one is 5 and one is 4 years of age. I am an entomologist and your drawings of the caddisfly and mayfly on the rocks are great! Nice job all around and you did a fantastic job on the salmon life cycle.
Sincerely,Rich Merritt, University Distinguished Professor Emeritus,Michigan State University

Dear Dr. Merritt,
Thank you for your comments! At this point I have just the two nature books, Salmon Stream and The Tree in the Ancient Forest, and a biography of Hildegard of Bingen. I am working on other nature cycle manuscripts, but they have not been submitted, so they are in the (distant) future. I was also delighted with both Michael Maydak's illustrations in Salmon Stream, and Christopher Canyon's in Tree in the Ancient Forest. the art director made wonderful choices by engaging those two illustrators!

Developing an All-School Model for Elementary Integrative Music Learning

My biography of Hildegard