Selected Works

Doctoral dissertation
A model and implementation suggestions for integrating music into the elementary school day, using themes common to the literature of sub-Saharan African music, New Orleans second lines, old-time music and dance, and summer camp music-making.
The life of an amazing 12th-century woman!
Salmon Life Cycle
Cumulative, rhyming verse showing the salmon's life cycle, with science information at the back of the book.
Old-Growth Forests
Cumulative verse about the interdependence of plants and animals in an old-growth forest, with science information at the back of the book.

The Tree in the Ancient Forest

"This is the three-hundred-year-old tree
that grows the fir cones that fall from a branch,
and startle the hungry, stealthy marten
that stalks the saucy, chattering squirrel
that scolds the woodpecker, searching for ants,
that started the hollow in the tree,
home of the sleepy owlets
that are fed by the owl that flies at night
and hunts the voles and mice that tunnel
and eat the tiny, underground truffles
that grow on roots that draw food from the soil
to nourish the three-hundred-year-old tree
that grows in the ancient forest."
Condensed from back section
"What is An Ancient Forest?
An ancient forest is a natural forest that has been allowed to grow undisturbed for at least 200 years.
Ancient forests have:
* Large old standing trees;
* Standing dead trees, called snags;
* Fallen trees; and
* A multi-storied, multi-species forest canopy, so the forest's 'roof' has many different levels, with many different sizes, ages and species of trees."

The Tree in the Ancient Forest
by Carol Reed-Jones
ill. Christopher Canyon
(Dawn Publications;
phone 1-800-545-7475)
ISBN 1-883220-32-7,
ISNB 1-883220-31-9,

El Arbol del Viejo Bosque,
published in Spain,
available from Carol; email her for more information.