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Hi, welcome to my web site. I am a children's author, and retired from teaching music at Whatcom Community College here in Bellingham, Washington.When I'm not working on a writing project, I'm either visiting schools to do writing workshops and assemblies, or I'm hiking or spending time with my grandchildren. 

Ever since second grade, when I saw a film about the husband and wife team who wrote and illustrated the book about a hermit crab named Pagoo, I've known I wanted to be a writer.

In third grade I wrote my first story for fun, about Pumpy Pumpkin, who finds buried treasure with the help of his animal friends. I enjoyed all the creative writing assignments I had, from grade school to college--but not reports, which I tended to do at the last minute. Now I like writing nonfiction information in a creative way, like setting the salmon cycle to a poem.

Often, in classes or written articles, writers are advised to write what they know. I prefer to choose what I'd like to know more about, then write about it. It's impossible to be bored when you're learning great new stuff all the time. The thing I like best about being a writer, after the creative thrill, is digging around for new things to discover and write about.