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I am available for all sorts of author events, both live and via online platforms such as Zoom: conferences, presentations, books fairs, library book talks, book store events, and school author visits.
To schedule me for your event:
click "e-mail me" at the column on the left; write me at Carol Reed-Jones, 16 Little Strawberry Lane, Bellingham, WA 98229; or phone (360) 684-2652.

School Author Visits
I do two types of presentations for schools:
--large assemblies, where I show the process my writing went through to become a book;
--and poetry writing workshops for grades 2 and up.
--I have been visiting schools since 1995. Contact me for a list of references.

6 months or more before my visit:

1. Contact me regarding a date or range of dates.
2. We decide upon a schedule. I do up to four presentations per day. That includes large assemblies and writing workshops.
3. Contact my publisher to order my books directly from them at a school visit discount rate. Dawn Publications, imprint of Sourcebooks: https://www.sourcebooks.com/childrens-books. Otherwise, I can bring copies to sell at the retail price.
Three months before:
3. The school mails me a signed contract with invoices and other paperwork they require, a schedule, and a map with driving directions to the school. I sign and return the original contract.
One month before:
4. The school mails me a final schedule, including grade levels of each group. If there are other events such as an author breakfast, picnic, or evening talk, please include them all on the schedule, with their locations.
5. I mail the school a flyer announcing my visit, to be copied and sent home with students. It will include an order form, in case students, staff or friends would like to order books.
The day before:
6. The school collects order forms from students. The person in charge of my visit checks to be sure that there is no conflict with the spaces where I will be doing presentations, and that equipment is ready.
The day!
7. See you at school, bright and early! I do workshops and/or assemblies, and sign books during my lunch break. The school district's check is ready to give to me by the end of the day. If I've traveled, please provide a lunch.