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Teaching materials

Work sent out to publishers: Ocean Forest

Protecting our kelp forests and oceans (248 KB)

This material about kelp forests is from the informational back matter in my picture book manuscript, Ocean Forest. Even if a publisher never acquires this book, I hope this information is helpful to students, parents, and teachers.

Work sent out to publishers: Bug Park

A pollinator in my autumn garden!

Insects are so important to all ecosystems! Without them we would not have food. The polinator in the photo above was the only one in my early October garden, buzzing around my arugula flowers. It graciously let me get close to take a picture with my cell phone!

Protecting our pollinators (204 KB)

This material is from the back matter in my manuscript, Bug Park. Even if no publisher acquires this manuscript, this information can still be used by students and educators. Enjoy!